Mapped Training Routes For All Runners

Good Morning Runners,

Hope you had a nice week. In this post I will map out courses for runs, talk about the distance in miles and kilometers for each course, and what each course offers.

The courses I recommend are nice courses that I have run myself and I want you all to enjoy a quality run at these different courses. These courses are perfect for training for cross country races or road races. I believe these courses will be beneficial in your training.

I guarantee you will be happy you ran at these courses and you will want to come back.

Here are some mapped courses I created at Watkins Park, Old National Pike, and Kemptown Park!

Enjoy! Don’t miss out on a great place to run.

Let’s start off with Watkins Park:

I recommend this course for all runners. This course is a somewhat hilly loop with paved path (some bumps in the paths so be careful), and narrow, but enough room to pass fellow runners or walkers.

  • 1.46 miles
  • 2.35 Km
  • Shorter distance


Another course I recommend is located @ Old National Pike. This course is hilly, grass fields, paved path, wooded trail (soft surface), and is close by water fountains and porta- potties.

  • 1.30 miles
  • 2.09 Km
  • Shorter distance

Old National Pike

Another course I recommend is @ Kemptown. This course is hilly, combination of wooded trails, grass, and pavement. This course starts by the Elementary school and finishes close by.

  • 3.79 miles
  • 6.10 Km
  • Mid-distance


These are several courses I mapped out for all runners.

I believe its important to have an idea of where you are running before starting. Otherwise, you will not be prepared or sure how far you will be running.

This is a problem because you need to maintain a steady pace, but if you don’t know how far you are going, you could loose energy early on in your run, and drop your pace.

I suggest you use to map out a run, before you run. This site is easy to use. Just enter where you plan to run, and use the draw map + icon to map your course and it will show you each mile and the route to get there.

Feel free to share my blog with others, or follow me. Also, leave a comment if you wish.

Have a great weekend!

Run Strong,




Why do you run? Inspiration for all runners.

Hello Fellow Runners,

I have a question for you. Why do you run?

I get asked all the time why I run. Whenever I talk about running people call me crazy.

I may be a little crazy, but that’s okay.

Why am I crazy you may ask?

Well, because I will run through rain, snow, extreme heat. I will wake up before sun-rise to go running. I will push myself sometimes to the point of vomiting. And, of course, I enjoy running half-marathons, 10 milers, 10k’s and 5k’s, and run XC in the fall season.

Here is a picture I took of the sun-rise at Rehoboth Beach post-morning run:


It is difficult for me to understand why people think running is crazy, but that’s because I enjoy it.

When I talk to athletes who play other sports, to them running is a punishment, but to me it is a stress relief.

I tell people that the reason I run is because it makes me feel happy. I tell them that following a quality run, I feel what some call a runner’s high.

It takes guts to be a runner. Most people don’t understand how tough you have to be to push through a difficult race despite the weather conditions.

Have you ever had a tough race that you thought you might die? Well, I’ve been there too and it is a crappy feeling, but you need to stay mentally focused. Try to think only positive thoughts in your head, because as soon as you loose focus, you will start to slow down.

Now I have another question for you. Why do you race again after feeling so terrible during the previous race? I guarantee you most people wouldn’t considering racing again. You have to want it. Running isn’t for everyone.

In high school, my XC team had a race at Lehigh University and the temperature was in the 90’s. I was unable to race because so many runners were passing out that the hospital couldn’t take anymore. There were a number of ambulances at the race.

The point I am trying to make is that runners are tough and don’t back down when conditions don’t cooperate.

As I assume, most of you runners know, the nerves before the race starts are intense. Starting at the starting line, understanding you have to race, knowing that you can’t quit now, counting the seconds until the gun goes off, and racing your hardest for 3 or even 6 miles.

It is not easy.

Now, let’s talk about training runs.

Have you ever gone for a run on the road and have someone honk their horn or yell things out their window? I know I have. By this point, I have learned to ignore them and not get upset.

Let me tell you. The people doing this probably can’t run as far as you can. They probably can’t run as fast as you can. Maybe the feel insecure? Who knows, but don’t let them get to you.

To wrap this post up in two sentences:

Running is a tough sport. We may be crazy, but we all enjoy a great run.



Runners. Taken from

Now, get your running shoes on and head out for a run. And, run hard. You can do it!

I hope this gives you some inspiration.

Run Strong,


Reviews of Little Bennett, Old National Pike, Watkins Park

Dear Fellow Runners,

I hope your day is going well. In this blog, I will review several of my favorite local and regional parks in Northern Maryland. These parks are beautiful, popular, safe and friendly. They include free parking, porta- potties, and scenic views. At Old National Pike and Watkins Park there are water fountains.

  1. Little Bennett Regional Park Click here to visit website.
    1. Located in Hyattstown, MD.
    2. Wooded trails, beautiful view of river.
    3. Typically not busy, I recommend bringing a companion.
    4. Depending on the trail you run, some trails require a crossing of a river.
      1. You should probably take off your shoes and socks, cross barefoot, and put your shoes and socks back on.
      2. After your run, I recommend putting your feet in the river which acts like an ice bath.
    5. Not too hilly, be careful of roots in some spots.
    6. Recommendation gear:
      1. Water bottle
      2. Extra pair of socks and shoes
      3. Watch
      4. Shoes that can get wet


Little Bennett Regional Park Image

  1. Old National Pike Click here to visit website
    1. Located in Mount Airy, MD.
    2. Most of the trail is open, but there is a beautiful, small wooded path.
    3. I recommend heading out early because this park does get crowded especially on weekends when sporting events are being held.
    4. There are fields in the back of the park that are rarely used… I actually had two high school XC races at this park, and let me tell you, those hills are no joke.
    5. This park is a local park, therefore, it isn’t huge, but it is without a doubt a nice place to run.
    6. Recommendation gear:
      1. Water bottle
      2. Light weight shoes
      3. Watch
      4. Athletic clothing


Old National Pike Image

  1. Watkins Park Click here to visit website
    1. Located in Mount Airy, MD.
    2. This park has a nice running path that is roughly 1 mile. So, it is easy to keep track of miles run.
    3. The path has its hills, but I wouldn’t consider it too difficult. It is wide enough so it is easy to pass walkers or fellow runners.
    4. Watkins is classified as a local park, so similarly to Old National Pike, it isn’t large, but I highly recommend it to you.
    5. Recommendation gear:
      1. Water bottle
      2. Watch
      3. Running hat
      4. Durable shoes
        1. I like Brooks’ shoes because they last long and are extremely comfortable


Watkins Park Image

So, there you have it. These are a few of my favorite places to run.

If you are looking for cool races in Maryland, visit here for race suggestions from Running in the USA.

Thanks for visiting my blog once more. Shout out to the new readers of my blog — many thanks. If you know of someone who enjoys running, I’d be delighted if you mention my blog to them. I hope everyone finds it insightful and interesting.

Run Strong,


Attention Runners: Enjoy learning about the best places to run in Northern, MD

Hi everyone,

My name is Brian Peterson and I am a Sophomore at McDaniel College. I love to run and currently run cross country at McDaniel. I ran XC at my high school for 4 years. I have always loved to run since I was little. I love trail running, road racing and most everything associated with running.

Finding places to run can be tiring, tasking, and difficult. I’ve spent a lot of years running at numerous parks in Northern, MD and some trails are simply better than others. I will write about the best places I have discovered and talk a little bit about them.

The purpose of my blog is to inform you of great places to run and I will be 100% truthful with you guys because you deserve accurate information.

So, without further adieu, welcome to my blog!

I understand not everyone is at the same fitness level, so I will try to talk about courses that are difficult and others that are less difficult.  I will provide the difficulty level so you can decide if it is right for you.

Some of the parks I will be blogging about range from local parks to regional parks, wooded trails to open paths, and easy places to  run to tough places to run.
You may or may not have heard of the following parks: Watkins, Kemptown, Little Bennett, Old National Pike — these will be some of the parks I will be reviewing and talking mostly about.

I promise I will be honest when I describe the quality of the runs and the difficulty of the runs. I imagine you would hate me if I lied about the various parks. But, no need to hate because I will do my best to provide accurate, up to date information so you don’t have to worry.

I plan on using my GoPro to capture my runs, so you can see parts of the trails which may help you decide if you want to run at that park or not. I will map out routes for shorter distance and longer distance and take  screenshots for you to see.

So anyway, I hope you follow my blogs and discover places to run and I hope I am able to help give guidance to best places to run.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for future blog posts. Tell me if you visited one of the parks I mentioned in a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you. Soon, once my social media is ready to roll, FOLLOW ME.  I’d like to interact with you and maybe learn something from you.


Run Strong,